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We  represent  the well-known company KOMUS – the major  wholesaler  of paper, board and stationary in Russia.

We are interested in further widening of the range of goods and establishing business relations with new suppliers.

Some additional references of our company:

The company KOMUS started out in 1990.  Form of capital – private.

Principal fields of  activities:
- supply and sale of paper and board for printing houses;
- supply and sale of office goods: paper, stationary, office equipment, furniture;
- manufacturing  of plastic packaging  and separate types of pulp products.

«Komus» has a unique national retail network of the goods for office and school - 60 firm shops in 14 regions of Russia.
The personnel of the company amounts to 4,000 associates.

The company KOMUS  plays the leading role in the following segments of the market:

  1. sheet coated paper;
  2. packaging board;
  3. paper for office ( size A4 );
  4. stationary;
  5. plastic packaging.

The financial status  of the company is stable.

KOMUS  in its structure  is a  holding company  divided into 4 Divisions according to their business  directions.

Our  Division deals with supply and sale of  high quality import paper and board in  Russia:

  1. woodfree  coated paper (1side coated, 2side coated);
  2. packaging board and board for printing;
  3. text and cover paper (colorful,  embossed and metallized paper, etc)
  4. offset paper;
  5. self-adhesive paper;
  6. carbonless paper;
  7. paper for labels,
  8. synthetic paper,
  9. etc.

The Moscow central warehouse of the Division is placed on the territory of more than
10 thousands sq.m.  Its developed infrastructure allows to store goods of a wide range, to treat with cargo and deliver paper to customers efficiently.

The reference of the company KOMUS and the assortment can be found:

We do our best to provide Russian printers with a wide range of paper in a short period of time and first-rate service. One of the ways to achieve it consists in long-terms collaboration profitable both for suppliers and customers.

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